It’s a complicated media landscape. Viewers and listeners have a ton of preferences and choices. That’s ok. It’s our job to ensure that your campaign message reaches them wherever they are.

No two campaigns are alike. Each one needs a unique media analysis and plan that thoroughly considers resources, possibilities and goals. We’re well-versed and experienced in developing and implementing paid media strategies. That’s what we’ll deliver for your campaign.

Media buying isn’t celebrated work, but it is hard work that our team takes extremely seriously. Paid media is often the largest single expenditure a campaign will make (that’s because paid media can dramatically shape the outcome of a campaign).

We’ll get the most out of every dollar you spend by negotiating the lowest possible rate, every single time.

Rarely is a political or public affairs campaign operating in a vacuum. You need to know what your opponents and allies are spending on paid media – and when and where messages are being delivered.

This information will almost certainly impact the decisions your campaign makes. So it's critically important that you have timely and accurate competitive intelligence. Our team will constantly monitor the playing field so you have real-time access.


Medium is an homage to the fact that media has become incredibly complicated and bifurcated over the last several years. It used to be broadcast TV, cable and a little radio - now it's multiple platforms on an array of devices.

Today, a good buying company is focused on getting powerful creative or content in front of their target audience regardless of the medium it takes to reach them. 


Tanya is a media buyer, planner and analyst for Medium Buying, LLC. A native of Ohio, Tanya has several years of experience working as a Republican campaign aide and strategist. Most recently, in 2016, she managed two successful state senate campaigns during the GOP primary in Ohio. During the 2014 cycle, Tanya served as campaign manager and fundraiser for Rep. Mike Turner’s successful reelection bid. Turner won the Dayton-area 10th District with 65.38 percent of the vote.

In 2012, Tanya worked as a senior project manager at Majority Strategies, the largest Republican print and mobile firm in the country. During the 2010 cycle, she worked for the Republican National Committee’s Victory Program. Tanya graduated from Ohio University with a degree in journalism. At OU, she was active on campus and involved in Republican campaigns. She is a self-professed nerd, loves yoga and has a cat named Lucy.

Dillon is a media buyer and planner for Medium Buying, LLC. A native of northeast Ohio, Dillon has been active in Republican campaigns across the Buckeye state and the country.
In the 2016 election cycle, Dillon worked as the Northeast Field Director for U.S. Sen. Rob Portman’s successful re-election campaign, which was recognized as one of the best political efforts in the nation by the New York TimesWashington Post and Cleveland Plain Dealer. He oversaw three regional field offices and won 18 of 19 counties in his region.

Dillon is a graduate of Kent State University with degrees in justice studies and political science. During college, he was heavily involved with the College Republicans organization and was elected chairman of the Ohio College Republican Federation.

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